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Haunting last words…

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I saw this link on another blog yesterday, I think PubRants, and I shared it in my shared items on the sidebar. It’s the blog of Andrew Olmsted, a soldier who fought in Iraq, and who kept a blog. Andrew wrote a post to be posted in the event of his death. Sadly, he was killed by a sniper January 3, 2008 so we all now have a chance to read his final words.

His last entry is posted here, and it’s beautiful, haunting and so powerful. If you make it to the end, where he says goodbye to his wife, have a few Kleenex handy.

But this particular quote resonated with me and I’ve gone back to re-read it several times, so I decided to share it here:

On a similar note, while you’re free to think whatever you like about my life and death, if you think I wasted my life, I’ll tell you you’re wrong. We’re all going to die of something. I died doing a job I loved. When your time comes, I hope you are as fortunate as I was.

Thank you, Andrew.

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